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Please Read Our Company Exchange/Refund Policy:
100% REFUND: We refund 100% of the charges for course fees paid for any course not applicable toward fulfilling the Florida license education requirements of the course participant, when we were contacted for instructions and we directed the participant to complete a course that was the wrong course for what their education requirements are.

EXCHANGE ONLY: Course fees paid by persons who chose the wrong course without consulting us first, will be applied toward the completion of the correct course after the correct course is completed through our company if done within 15 calendar days. We welcome phone calls and emails from persons that need to know the correct course they should take.

LIMITED REFUND: Card transaction processing company’s charge for ever transaction processed including course fee payments, and course fee refunds. Payment processing is conducted by a merchant service provider and not by us; we never obtain your card information and cannot make charges to your card. Charges to a cardholder account can only occur from one thing, by the person entering the information in the payment form clicking the payment form submit button. Multiple charges occur when the person making the payment completes the payment form, clicks the submit button, and the payment processes successfully, after which the person paying uses the browser back button to return to the payment form and then clicks the form submit button another time. The submit button should only be clicked more than once when the payment did not process and the system is asking that information on the payment form be added or corrected. Never click the payment form submit button a second time after a transaction successfully processed, doing so will cause an additional payment for each time the submit button is clicked. This is the only way multiple charges occur. Persons that contact us and state they were charged twice by us will be directed to read this refund policy, as we can not charge the card account because we do not ever see your card number, expiration date, or card verification number (cvm) therefore it is an impossibility for us to initiate a charge to a cardholder account. Refunds given when the person completing the payment form did not follow the instructions above will not include the card transaction processing fees for the payment or for the refund, as these were unnecessary fees created by the person completing the payment form and these fees were not created by any fault of ours. With that said, do not click the payment form submit button more than once if an error message does not appear asking that you make a correction to the payment form. If you have entered information incorrectly and do not realize that the information gave was wrong or missing email that information to us at the email address posted on our "Contact Us" information web page.
Thank you.